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Covid protocols


Covid Safety Protocols for Art Show



1.       All artists must wear masks.  Visitors will be encouraged to wear masks.  People sitting the show will have masks and gloves.  Hand sanitizer at entrance. 

2.       Delivery and take down days:

a.       Artists will sign up for a time slot.  One or two at a time upstairs.  Must be masked.  Enter up front stairs, register your art in the courtroom, which is large. Registration under the main window.  Artists then carry their work to the drop off area starting in front of the jury box.   Exit either down the back stair or front stair again.  No one will be allowed in early .  Must wait either outside or in the downstairs hallways – they can visit other displays.

b.      Set up crew will be masked since social distancing is not possible at times.  All members will wash hands with soap and water in kitchen before beginning work and periodically throughout the day. 

3.       No in person jurying will take place.  No official opening and presentation of awards.  Winners will be notified by phone and awards sent by mail.

4.       Display boards will be set up to create a one way traffic pattern for viewers.  Tape markings will indicate direction and social distancing spots.  No programs will be given out.  People’s Choice ballots will be given out using gloves.  Pencils will be wiped down after use – put into a separate container once used. 

5.       Payments can be made by credit or debit cards using the Square machine tap function.

6.       Donation box will be lined with a plastic bag so money does not have to be touched.  The bag can simply be picked up by the top, close, and kept at the Treasurer’s house for 3 days in an open bag.

7.       No food or drink will be offered to guests during the show.

8.       Demo artist will be on the jury box.  Not viewers allowed in that area.  They can see from the floor, which means social distance is maintained.

9.       Disinfecting wipes in the bathroom, with a notice that users have to wipe down the toilet, faucets, and door handle as they leave.  Waste can by door for disposal. Working staff only.

10.   Hours will be cut back from usual shows.  WE anticipate having a smaller crew to work at the show.  Our members are mostly seniors and their health is our priority.


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