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Welcome to My Artistic World

I have always believed that 'Black on White' graphite art is one of the oldest art forms in the world.  It dates all the way back to the Stone Age.  It crosses all cultures and racial boundaries.  I believe that roots are important to our well being and sanity and I believe that 'Black on White' art connects you to your roots and creates harmony within your environment. With my self-taught style of 'Super-Magic' Realism' I am endeavering to create my own art form. I am a proud member of the 'Federation of Canadian Artists' working my way towards 'Signature Status'. I have received at least ten awards, for my artwork, from FCA juries, and just recently I was honoured with an 'Award of Excellence' for one of my entries. In March of 2011 I was honoured by being awarded 'Associate' status with The Federation of Canadian Artists. My artistic passion and goal is to keep creating and to make my art relevant and timeless.

I believe in a 'Creator' with every fiber of my being and I am becoming a very spiritual being, which I hope is reflected in my art. I have even had the totally mindbending experience of leaving my body and flying through, what I believe was a 'Energy Field' It was the scariest event of my present life and left me with no doubt I was on the right path. I believe that hatred is the sickest mental illness known to mankind and racism is a disgusting example of massive insecurity and ignorance.

I experience a deep emotional connection between myself and my subject matters.  I try very hard to put myself into my artwork, and bring out my personal feelings involving my art and the subject of each piece. There are many shades of black and white. I want to explore the possibilities. It is just the beginning for me. I hope you will join me on my journey and enjoy my world.