Thompson Nicola Shuswap Chapter of the FCA


Welcome to the Thompson Nicola Shuswap Chapter

The Thompson Nicola Shuswap Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists is a non-profit organization that was formed in June 2004 with 24 members. It has now grown to over 100 members.

The purpose of the Chapter is to provide opportunity for artistic growth, development and accreditation to visual artists of various skill levels in the Thompson Nicola Shuswap Region. 

The TNSC welcomes aspiring, emerging and career artists through four levels of membership.

Prominent activities of the TNSC are:

  • workshops
  • juried shows
  • meetings
  • critiques
  • demonstrations
  • guest speakers
  • fellowship

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Chapter Show People's Choice Awards:

First:  Jeanette Steele, Blue Velvet Days, Dragon Nights

Second: (Tie) Debbie Milner Lively, Amber Evening; Darryl Nelson, Along the Path 

Third:  Mairi Budreau AFCA, Smolder

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2016 Open Show

You are invited!

2016 invite

TNSC Open Show Award Winners

Congratulations to the Award Winners of the TNSC Open Show

1st Place Award:

Justin Maas, AFCA, Gypsy Eyes

"Gypsy Eyes" by Justin Maas, AFCA

2nd Place Award:

Maryanne Jespersen, Spences Pastels

"Spences Pastels" by Maryanne Jespersen

3rd Place Award:

Colleen J Dyson, AFCA, SCA, Across the Tracks


TNSC Chapter Award:

Judy Sims, Dancer 2

"dancer 2" by Judy Sims

Award of Excellence:

Lee Caufield, AFCA, Hayfield with Hawk

"Hayfield with Hawk" by Lee Caufield, AFCA

Award of Excellence:

Janice Cleland, Mt. Ida

"Mt Ida" by Janice Cleland

Award of Excellence:

Suzanne Dansereau, Prairie Field

"Prairie Field" by Suzanne Dansereau

SFCA Award:

Anne-Marie Harvey, December Moon

"       December Moon" by Anne-Marie Harvey, SFCA

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