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Being part of a group of artists renews your enthusiasm, offers a chance to learn from others in casual conversation or by watching live demonstrations.  Each meeting also has a critique session.  Feedback is gentle, but focuses on key areas of effective art: composition, values, colour, use of techniques, keeping the viewer interested. 

There are many benefits of membership like discounts on workshop fees, receiving Art Avenue magazine, exposure in a national organization, exhibition privileges and more that is explained on the website.

To become a member I suggest to first go to the hub of our activity, the website. From there, you can join online

Or be a welcomed guest at a meeting and connect with fellow artists, see how we critique artwork, watch the demo or guest speaker and see if we are a good fit for you.  Artists can sign up at a meeting. We accept credit card, debit, cash and e-trans.

Or email the  Trish House will fill in the brief application form for you and accept payment by credit card over the phone and e-trans.

TNSC Membership is $20 per year.  Membership with our parent organization FCA is required as well.


Are there ways to participate in the arts through the chapter, if you are not an artist but an art lover?

Indeed there are! Art lovers can volunteer at shows, events, and fundraisers. Donations are welcomed and appreciated to offset the expense of shows, venues, instructors, and outreach to our expansive area of artists. 
Sponsoring show awards is another meaningful way to participate. There is a donation page on the website.
We are still building our Board of Directors so putting administrative skills to use is highly valued by the Chapter.

If you have any questions about the TNSC feel free to contact  Patricia House at or Cathie Peters at










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