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Edward Adams
Nancy Alison
Trish Armstrong-Gibson
Bonnie Baker
Lynette Barton
Vivienne Beisel
Kit Bell
Katherine Bentley
Nora Berkhout
Lynda Boutilier
Mairi Budreau
Teresa Buratto
Bill Burton
Pat Burton
Donna Calvert
Valerie Chipman
Cherie Churchman
Janice Cleland
Sandra Conway
Fay Davies
Liz Derksen
Marie Downing
Colleen J Dyson
Isabelle Faulkner
Kathi Feschuk
Lisa Figueroa
Cathie Flahr
Diane Fleming
Edie Fredrickson
Marlene Freeman
Eileen Funk
Pamela Furlong
Terry Greenhough
Lois Hollstedt
Patricia House
Sherry Kalloch
Sharon Kika
Barb Klie
Sandy Knowles
Cynthia Langford
Peggy Leduc
Bill Lee
Frank Lively
Donna Lyons
Justin Maas
Judy Mackenzie
Frieda Martin
Becky McMahon
Belinda McNeice
Jo McPeek
Margaret McSweeney
Debbie Milner Lively
Darryl Nelson
Jeannie Niedersteiner
Shirley Palmer
Cathie Peters
Sierra Rae
Yvonne Reddick
Dale (Allen) Redfern
Margaret Robertson
Valerie Rogers
Laurie Ryan
Linda Scarfo
Betty Schriver
Christine Sherwood
Judy Sims
Patricia L Smith
Katherine Jeanette Steele
Lorel Sternig
Norma Stewart
Wendy Stewart
Peter Stuhlmann
Diane Thompson
Debbie Thomson
Sandy Vogstad
Paula Vollrath
Robin Walker
Doug Wasilieff
Cindy Whitehead
Marlene Wildeman
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