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January 2024 Newsletter


Happy New Year

To all our Members and Friends

As we look back on 2023, we reflect on all the good moments we had in the TNSC.  We had two of the best art exhibitions to date, amazing workshops, excellent demos and best of all, wonderful friendships.  It's you, our members, we would like to thank.  Thank you for coming out to the Demo Days, participating in our shows and most of all, volunteering your time to help us get the job done!  We are looking forward to 2024 and all that it may bring to our art practice - new opportunities, new ventures and more great artwork!  Happy New Year!



Our next Demo Day is scheduled for Wednesday, February 7, 2024 at 6:30pm by Zoom.  We are excited to introduce you to Jan Poynter, AFCA.  Jan lives in Gibsons, BC, and is a founding member of the Coast Cultural Alliance and the Sunshine Coast Artists Co-op. Jan will be providing us with a demonstration on her artistic process.
Following Jan's presentation, we will have our Critique Session.  If you have a painting that you would like some feedback on, or if you have a WIP that could use some constructive advice, take part in our Critique Session.  Please submit 1 or 2 images to by January 26th.
Here is what Jan will feature in her demo:
GRISAILLE ( like Versaille…) Underpainting for Detail & Texture

Jan will be demonstrating this time honored technique in Watercolor – but the fun doesn’t stop there. Using neutral shades of greyed pigment underpainting, this glazing process can also be really effective in Acrylic and Oils. Live Demo, samples of work in process and finished paintings will be included. Questions and discussion are welcome! See you soon... Jan. 

Jan Poynter - Grisaille BW Jan Poynter - Grisaille Colour
Grisaille - Underpainting Finished Work

More of Jan's lovely artwork:

Jan Poynter - Plaza Wall Jan Poynter - Vertical 3
Plaza Wall  Watercolour Scenes


Jan Poynter, AFCA

With an interest in a broad range of subjects, from architecture to botanical and landscape, Jan is inspired by all the world has to offer. A fascination with light, shadow & color provides endless challenge and experimentation with several media and new materials. New works include Alpine & Autumn Collections inspired by recent plein air journeys, coastal studies of sunlit reflections on the sea, and an ongoing series of custom cut original paintings on Aluminum panel. Jan's passion for painting on location finds her in the garden, on the shore or in the forest near home and travelling afar. These small paintings often inspire larger works in the studio. Jan's professional DESIGN work has included Public art, publishing & educational print and product design. Her designs have been selected for 7 coins by the Royal Canadian Mint.  You can view Jan's website here:  JANPOYNTER

Spring Show 2024 Poster

Let your art shine at the 17th Annual TNSC Regional Spring Show and Sale! This is a qualifying, juried show and we invite all Active and AFCA members from the Thompson Nicola Shuswap Chapter, the North Okanagan Chapter, the Central Okanagan Chapter and the South Okanagan Chapter to submit.  (SFCA members may submit one painting but it is not eligible for awards.) 

You may submit up to to 5 entires at $20 each. Entries close March 3rd, 2024. More information can be found on the TNSC website HERE.  The show will run from April 9th to 20th. 

Make sure to read ALL of the rules and pay attention to those regrading sales and how to hang/present your work!  Read the rules here:  INFORMATION AND RULES

We are thrilled to bring you a workshop with Susie Cipolla!  This is a rare opportunity for you to learn and create with one of our Senior Signature Members! Mark your calendars now - coming May 4/5, 2024.
Here is what we will learn:  Your painting skills are built by practicing and training and by challenging yourself with new techniques and ideas. This intermediate level acrylic workshop will help you do just that. We will spend 2 days on fun and challenging drills and exercises involving speed, limited palette, limited and expressive brush strokes, tool use, different grounds and more. This workshop is for acrylics (as it dries quickly) but the techniques will apply to other media, like oils. For more information and to register click HERE
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Susie Cipolla
Susie first broke into the art world at the age of seven, winning a bicycle in a Dairyland colouring contest. After that, art languished on life’s back burner while she finished school and pursued a career in physiotherapy. In 2009, at the urging of a friend, she took a painting workshop with Brian Atyeo. Discovering a new passion in painting was life changing for her. Over the last ten years she has committed herself to improving her skills as an artist by attending classes and workshops with Master Artists. She now spends her days with her family on a rural property north of Pemberton, B.C. Her large studio hosts guest instructors and provides learning opportunities for other artists. Susie’s preferred painting medium is acrylic and her subject matter is primarily scenery and wildlife of the Pacific Northwest Region. Susie is a Senior Signature member and past board member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. You can view Susie's website here:  SUSIECIPOLLA
Christmas Lunch - It was a lovely time spent!
Christmas Lunch 2023
Look at those smiles!  What a fun lunch we had in December.  Lots of laughter, exchange of art stories and really tasty food! Secret Santa has been very good to us!


If you have renewed your membership, thank you, and we look forward to an exciting year ahead!  If you haven't renewed, that means your membership has now expired!  Renewing your membership with the FCA and the TNSC has loads of benefits to assist you with moving your artistic endeavours to the next level. You can renew both your FCA and TNSC dues online here:  FCA-TNSC RENEW  Having trouble renewing?  Contact Cathy, our Membership Chair, she is here to help:


NEXT SESSION - SUNDAY, January 7, 10am - 1pm "Time to Paint" continues on Sunday, January 7th!  This monthly event is a great way to share knowledge and skills in a small and welcoming group setting. Each artist gets their own table.  Bring your own easel and supplies.  Spend time with friends you know or make new friends, share art tips and give yourself the “Time to Paint”!  Limit:  10 Artists

Register (reduced rate) $15 for remaining sessions:   TIMETOPAINT 

Drop in fee: $5  (fees collected help offset the room rental)
Dates:  One Sunday each month, 10 - 1.
Location: Riverside Park, lower lounge in Heritage House. Free parking.
2024: Jan 7, Feb 4, March 3, May 5
Paint Clock


Wow! What a jam packed newsletter we have this month!  I will keep my piece short so you can get on with the good bits.  One thing I did want to tell you was my thoughts on reflecting on the year 2023.  I felt like I didn't produce very much art! But then, I looked in my computer file and low and behold, I did produce quite a bit of art, both in studio and en plein air.  And, looking at year over year, I think my work has improved! Do I have more to do? I sure do and going forward with 2024, I am setting my intentions on identifying areas of my practice that are weak or lacking and finding ways to take my art to the next level.  Being a member of the TNSC and participating in the workshops and demos is definitely a postivie part of this process.  Long story this has turned out to be, but in short... give yourself a pat on the back for the art you created this year and renew your artistic inspiration and enthusiasm for the year ahead.  We all have something to say with our art and you never know, it could bring joy to someone's life and make this world a better place - one piece of art at a time! Happy Painting and Happy New Year!  Elaine


This month's tip is provided by Cheryl Potter. This is how Cheryl disposes of her dirty acrylic rinse water. She has a septic system and doesn't want to throw her contaminated water down the drain. With this method the paint water is treated, turns into solid waste and all that remains to pour down the sink is water. She gathers all her water in a large container and treats it when almost full. Thanks for the tip Cheryl and the environment thanks you too! 

Removing Water-Based Paint Solids from Rinse Water If you would rather not flush water laden with acrylic paint solids down the drain, they can be removed prior to disposing of the water. This process consists of chemically treating the contaminated water to cause the solids to flocculate, followed by filtering to remove them from the water. The materials and equipment needed are available locally. The chemicals are hazardous so read label precautions and keep everything out of the reach of children. Safety goggles and a dust mask are recommended. The process described is intended for nonindustrial users of acrylic paints.

Start by assembling the supplies listed below. Decide on the process batch size. Using 5 gallon pails allows you to process up to 2½ gallons at a time. A 1 gallon pail and matching funnel allows for up to a ¾ gallon batch.

Add 10 grams of granular aluminum sulfate for each gallon of water. This is about ½ Tablespoon, well rounded. So, 2½ gallons would require about 25 grams, or 1¼ Tablespoons. Dissolve this material in a small jar with several ounces of water before adding to waste water. Then, add to waste water and stir vigorously.

Add 9 grams of powdered lime per gallon being processed (a scant ¾ Tablespoon). Stir in vigorously and observe. The flocculation of solids should start occurring within a couple of minutes. You should start to see a clear layer of water forming as the solids settle to the bottom. If, after several minutes, flocculation has not occurred, repeat steps 1 and 2.

Check the pH of clear water. It should be between 5 and 9. If lower, adjust by adding lime. If higher, adjust by adding aluminum sulfate.

Assemble the filtering equipment as shown. Use 2 coffee filters at a time. Pour the water through the filters after flocculation has occurred. The water will take several hours (over night) to completely pass through the filter. The resulting filtrate should be clear and should be flushed to a sanitary sewer. The solid filtered residue should be disposed of in a licensed landfill.

Just Paint Supplies

Supply List


Aluminum sulphate, hydrated limelarge pail & funnel - Canadian tire/rona/home depot/home hardware  Coffee Filters: Ask for the 18″ or 24″ size, manufactured for 3 or 10 gallon coffee urns -Uline/Amazon  Ph paper: Hydrion Brilliant pH 0 to 6.0 (0.5 pH Increments)-Amazon/check hardware stores


Canadian Federation of Artists
The FCA 2024 Exhibition Submission Calendar is now available!  Access it here:  2024 FCA Calendar
  • 2024 Artists Choice Online Exhibition - Submit by January 12 - Exhbition: Feb 1-21
  • 2024 Scenes from Canada Exhibition - Submit by January 15 - Exhibition: Feb 20 - Mar 10
  • 2024 Annual International Representational Exhibition - Submit by January 30 - Exhibition: March 12-31
  • 2024 Bloom Exhibition - Submit by February 15 - Exhibition: April 2-18

Kamloops Arts Council

ART IN PUBLIC SPACES: Submissions are now open for AIPS – Kamloops Library. 2D art pieces with various mediums will be showcased in the Kamloops Library downtown and Northshore locations between February and May 2024Submission deadline: Thursday, February 1st 2024 at midnight. For more information, click here: AIPSLIBRARY

ART EXPOSED: Kamloops Arts Council is pleased to Call for Artists - Submissions for the 2024 Art Exposed Regional Exhibition are now open! It's time to show off what you've been working on in the KAC's most anticipated annual event. Everyone is welcome to submit (KAC members and non-members). Deadline: February 15th, 2024 at midnight. For more information, click here: ARTEXPOSED 

FCA North Okanagan Chapter

The North Okanagan Chapter is having a regional FCA show June 1 - 30 2024 at the Armstrong Museum and Gallery. Submission details coming in 2024.


"Member News" is your place to shine!  Send us your news items, showcase your work, share workshop information, interesting weblinks or post your items for sale!   

Elaine Burns

Elaine is pleased to tell you that her painting "Desert Soldier" was recognized for the FCA Active Exhibition.  You will find her painting in the online show on the Federation Gallery website starting on January 9 -  29.  You can view it here:  FEDERATION GALLERY   Well done Elaine!

Elaine Burns - Desert Soldier 
 Elaine Burns - Desert Soldier, Oil 12"x16"

 Robin Walker - Supporting Children with Art

Robin Walker has been spending winters in Mexico and provides an orphanage with her artwork, mostly of local scenes. She finds it very rewarding and she loves talking to the children and encouraging them to be artists.  What a good thing you are doing Robin!

Robin Walker - Children in Mexico

 Kathryn Gibson

Kathryn is pleased to have "Ice Stream" juried into the 2024 Active Member Exhibition (online). Kathryn states, "this means my artwork scored highly enough to qualify for a Signature Status point and counts as one point towards future Signature Status applications".

Way To Go, Kathryn - We love this for you!

Ice Stream - Oil on Canvas, 24"X24", framed - Kathryn Gibson

Ice Stream, oil on canvas, 24"X24", framed

Kathryn Gibson 



The TNSC Spring Show will be a juried, qualifying show and is open to members of the Thompson Nicola Shuswap Chapter, the North Okanagan Chapter, the Central Okanagan Chapter and the South Okanagan Chapter.  It will take place from April 9 - 20, 2024.  Submissions close March 3, 2024, so it's time to start thinking about your next piece of artwork for our Spring Show!  More information can be found on the TNSC Website here:  TNSC2024SPRINGSHOW

Mairia Budreau - Studio Mentorship Classes - Painter's Progress

Painter's Progress - Mairi Budreau


Many painters have SECRET WEAKNESSES, so secret they don’t even know about them.  Many painters do not DRAW WITH COMPETENCE, and it shows in their work. Many painters do not SEE LIKE AN ARTIST as much as they could, and it affects every brushstroke holding back progress. Many painters cannot access their INBORN SENSE OF COMPOSITION to design paintings. These are a few of the VERY IMPORTANT topics of development that PAINTER’S PROGRESS is presenting starting January 11, 2024.

Painter’s Progress is a rich source for on-going development, an inspiring experience for those who really want to come into their own art form, build solid, powerful skills with insight to be an artist in the modern world. It's tailored to develop a strong personal foundation of artistic expression, passion, beauty, and light in the artwork you make. 

  • WHEN: Every Thursday 1pm–3pm followed by one hour coffee/tea social
  • WHERE: The Art, Naturally Studio, 1231 Belair Drive Barnhartvale (Kamloops) 
  • HOST: Mairi Budreau, AFCA - Award winning and internationally exhibited artist, teaching since 1995. FCA member since 2009.
  • RECEIVE: 8 hours of Painter’s Progress a month for $120
  • For more information and to register:
Watercolour Workshop with Juve Furtado - Blind Bay

The Blind Bay Hall is presenting a workshop with Juve Furtado. Painting Light and Letting Loose with Watercolour. Discover watercolor techniques that you can use to create beautiful, glowing watercolor landscapes. All members of the Blind Bay Hall and the public are welcome to attend.

Juve Furtado Workshop March 2024
  • When:  March 9/10 
  • Location:  Blind Bay Hall
  • Register by calling 250-675-3139
  • Members: $170  Non-Members: $190


Spring 2024 Foundations Program 

Every Wednesday (10 weeks) Starting March 6 - May 8, Online Zoom This online program consists of 10 Wednesday evening classes which will provide a condensed, high-level overview of what every visual artist should know. Each class is dedicated to a different topic and taught by a different instructor, in order to provide exposure to a range of concepts. All sessions recorded! $465 Members; $495 Non-Members More information and Register:  FCAFOUNDATIONS

Note:  The FCA also offers an In-Person Foundations Program for those of you in the Lower Mainland.  More info here:  FCAINPERSON

Online Mentorship Program with Lalita Hamill, AFCA Every Friday (6 weeks) Starting February 2nd - March 8th, 2024 11.00 AM - 1 PM (PST) Via Zoom Embark on a six-week transformative journey through live Zoom sessions, guided by acclaimed artist Lalita Hamill. The program commences with a personalized introduction, where Lalita assesses your work and delves into your individual goals and aspirations. More information:  LALITAHAMILL

Online Drawing with Mark Anthony From Mastercopy to Masterful Interpretations from Life with Mark AnthonyThursdays, Mar 7th - Apr 11th, 2024Time: 10.00 AM - 1.00 PM (PST)Online Via ZoomJoin the Mark Anthony Traditional Drawing Workshop entitled: FROM MASTERCOPY TO MASTERFUL INTERPRETATIONS FROM LIFE. All 6 sessions will include full demonstrations from a blank page. Artists of all levels are welcome to join this hands on workshop. More information:  MARKANTHONY

Online Mentorship Program with Roberta Combs, SFCA Tuesdays, Mar 12th - Apr 16th, 2024 11.00 AM - 1.00 PM (PDT) Online Via Zoom  Embark on a six-week transformative journey through live Zoom sessions, guided by acclaimed pastelist Roberta Combs. In her pastel paintings, she uses vibrant colour, extreme lighting, and dramatic composition to create the impact of her realistic subject matter.  More Information: ROBERTACOMBS

Online Mentorship Program with Tim Bennison, AFCA Thursdays, May 2nd - Jun 8th, 2024 11.00 AM - 1.00 PM (PDT) Online Via Zoom If you are watercolour artist or interested in watercolours, elevate your artistic prowess and push your creative boundaries with Tim Bennison's Online Mentorships. Join us today and unlock a world of artistic growth and fulfillment in your watercolour paintings!  More information: TIMBENNISON

FCA Retreat


DATES:  Sunday - Friday, September 8th - 13th, 2024  The Federation Retreat is the largest educational and social event of the year, hosted by the Federation of Canadian Artists. The 2024 Retreat takes place in beautiful Bamfield, British Columbia. Based at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, you'll experience some of the most breathtaking plein air painting locations the West Coast has to offer. In the company of our Master Instructors you'll spend your days creating, painting and developing your skills, while painting en plein air.  In the evenings, you'll have the opportunity to join your peers for a variety of fun socially distant social events or take the time to relax and explore your surroundings. Click here: FCARETREAT


Did you know the TNSC now has a Calendar of Events posted to its website for 2023/2024? There are a number of exciting events taking place that you might like to know about - Plein Air Days, Art Shows and workshops. Keep up on what's happening in your Chapter!  You can find the calender here.

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